Transporting Powders, Plastics and Granulates

Nederlandse Transport Maatschappij transports various dry bulk goods by road including minerals and powders but also plastics. We drive for a large number of petrochemical producers and merchants within this industry. We can be found all over Europe every day. Thanks to our professional drivers and modern fleet, we are in a position to provide them with an excellent service and to respond to any situation. Our strength is in our flexibility. With our tipping silo semi-trailers, we are able to handle any order in a professional manner.


SQAS: Quality in Petrochemistry

N.T.M. Transport wants more, namely to provide the highest quality and thus adding real value. The fact that providing a quality service is always a top priority for us is underscored by the fact that we are SQAS certified. SQAS is an international quality standard developed specially for the petrochemical sector. This certificate guarantees that we carry out the transportation of chemical goods, including plastics, in a safe and qualitatively sound manner.

N.T.M. Transport: Partner of Choice for the Transportation of Powders, Plastics and Granulates

Would you like peace of mind when it comes to the transportation of powders, plastics and granulates? In N.T.M. Transport you’ll find a partner to whom you can outsource all your logistics requirements. Then simply get in touch with us.